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I'm Tamara.

Wanna work out?


Whether you've had a not-so-super P.E. experience during high school or a great one, my mission is to start or continue making your fitness journey a positive one, in a supportive environment, with buddies who are there traveling alongside you.


My approach is to work with you where you are, not where someone else dictates you should be, and move at a pace that is comfortable for you. We'll work on making you the best YOU  that you want to be. It's going to be so much fun, you won't want to miss any workouts.  You'll learn key skills and sequences so can take the workouts with you wherever you go.

I'm a veteran of the fitness industry, teaching a wide variety of Group X classes, including Strength Training, Mat Pilates, Boot Camp, Back Care Yoga, Stability Ball Fitness, and Cardio Dance. I've also been a Personal Trainer for tech workers in Silicon Valley for the last 15+ years, taking total fitness novices from the desks, in front of computer screens, to weight machines, squat racks and  .




You can have your cake and eat it too… as long as your fine self is dedicated to your own health, fitness, and fierce wellbeing. That’s why 1:1 training is so good.

We’ll start with an intro session where we will set the baseline - whether it’s a moment of rehab for you, weight loss, strength training you are looking for, etc. It’s all customized to meet you exactly where you are. We will get on the same page, assess your current strengths and places where you need to werk werk werk. We’ll also talk goals, and how you want to feel in your body. Then we’ll meet 2-3x per week and actually get you there. You can stay motivated on your own, or you can join on for the full wellness package, where I stay on your booty to get your workouts on even when I’m not around.


Begin your day with a one-hour jump off. This is gym for your body, and your brain. This is small group fitness, meeting 2 days/week via Zoom and soon, outside (email me for more details on this option)!...


This is the perfect place to begin or return to a fitness routine. A combination of body workout and brain workout, we'll keep it fresh & funky (and even trivia-worthy) no matter what level you are at. This is gym for your body, and your brain. It’s more than just patting your head and rubbing your belly. You will grow your agility and coordination. Here's some modalities we'll be rocking: Functional Strength Pilates (always core) Flexibility Training Hip Openers Shoulder Mobility Cardio & Even Zumba will be offered so classes will always be fresh, fierce and funky.

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From My Clients

Tamara has been training me since October 2012 and within 2 months she has helped me improve upon my fitness drastically. She pays close attention to individual strengths and weaknesses and ensures that we get the maximum benefit from training, without any injuries. She is very punctual and a lot of fun to work with. She's very inventive with training ideas, which makes training a lot of fun, and avoids conditioning, which helps us keep improving through each session. At an interaction level, she has a calm and playful way of training which keeps everyone motivated and the whole experience joyful.

- Puneet G.

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